The 10 Highest-paying Gig Economy Jobs of 2019

Evidently, the gig economy is rising steadily. This is because people would enjoy the freedom of choice in terms of who to work for. Particularly, more people shift to short-term jobs in search of flexibility in their schedules. The rise in the gig economy has been impacted by the developing technology for communication and remote collaboration; it makes it possible for people not to be physically present in one place. Take a look at how much gig economy workers earn working on flexible schedules from anywhere.

Deep learning jobs

Deep learning jobs are one of the high-paying gig economy jobs. It involves the development of neural networks that have the same characteristics as those of the human brain’s neural network. They have an hourly rate of $40.25 for freelancers, $30.72 for machine learning engineers and $38.50 for software engineers.

Freelance jobs

Freelance jobs are good gigs and are growing at a faster rate. Finding these kinds of jobs has been made easier thanks to many freelancing websites like, indeed and more. Therefore, if you have any experience in freelancing jobs i.e. graphic designs, SEO, or web design then this gig will benefit you greatly. You could earn more than a hundred dollars depending on the kind of skills you have.

Photography jobs

The good thing about some gig economy jobs is that you don’t get stuck in one place. You have your freedom as you get to earn and enjoy at the same time since you can have gigs at weddings and other events that may require these services. You can find freelance photography in websites like freelancer, indeed, and more. If you are experienced in photography and you have a good quality camera then you can engage in these jobs.

Robotic jobs

With skills in mechanical engineering software, you can be involved in designing mechanical elements and machinery. Earning up to $77.46 robotic jobs are excellent jobs worth your attention.

Bitcoin jobs

Bitcoin is a widely used cryptocurrency and it’s more volatile. It not only gives jobs to those having the necessary skills like python, Amazon web services but also it is creating other business opportunities offering more chances to job seekers.

Micro jobs

Micro jobs are booked mostly through the internet and require no special skills. They do not take a lot of time to complete therefore giving you a lot of time to take multiple tasks and earn good money.

Ride-sharing jobs

The jobs involve driving people around which is common and on-demand as well. A ride-sharing job is an excellent gig to take since many people are willing to hire for these services. Working with popular companies like Uber, lyft would only have more benefits as you may earn a good income.

Chef jobs

The fact that you are a chef does not mean you should find a full-time job. If you have the skills required you can choose to start your own catering business. It will be possible for you to be offering outside catering services in events like weddings and more.

Online English jobs

Nothing would feel better than to have flexible working hours and online English jobs offer just that. If you have a certificate in ESL or a bachelor’s degree then you can take online English jobs as a side gig. Companies hiring for these jobs include VipKid, Qkids, Magic ears.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is simply the best if you want to work remotely. It will not only get you earning but also give you the flexibility you need. You can earn a good income depending on the skills you have or the number of jobs you can complete. Freelancing websites always have these kinds of jobs posted for job seekers.

With many gig economy jobs available out there, you only have to choose the one that suits you best and you will have a flexible schedule to prioritize on other important things.

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