Mentors are central to the support and resources provided by 37 Degrees. Exclusive to members of 37 Degrees, mentors specialise in business development, web & app development, marketing, finance, idea validation and much, much more.

Our Mentor programme will offer our guidance and support from concept to expansion, giving direction in all areas of business. 37 Degrees is not just about providing an exciting environment with which to work in, but more about providing the right environment to be successful.

Through our mentoring programme we have local, regional and national input from those who can add value and give guidance, from just an idea through to an IPO. Access to investment, funding, financial and legal guidance is something normally out of reach to a start-up or early stage business.

Shaf Rasul, CEO, SRA Ventures Ltd and Dragons Den

By 1999 Shaf Rasul was already a self-made multi-millionaire with an extensive investment portfolio that would allow him to take it easy for the rest of his life. Maybe the time had come for the one of Scotland’s most successful entrepreneurs to slow down and set-up a comfortable lifestyle business that would allow him to pursue other interests like business mentoring and philanthropy. It was at that time Rasul – who starred as one of new Dragons in an online version of the BBC’s Dragons Den – established E-Net Computers.

Within a decade E-net went on to become the largest storage media distributor in Europe and one the biggest buyers of optical storage products in the world. The business grew exponentially after forging partnerships with the world’s top optical media manufacturers. A global import/export hub in Dubai and a £5million distribution centre at Edinburgh Airport were established to support the growth of the business which recorded peak sales of £67.2million during 2004-05.

In 2006 Ernst and Young Scottish Young Entrepreneur of the Year and was ranked 19th in a Management Today 2008 survey of the UK’s top 100 entrepreneurs. He has also been included in the Asian 100, a list of the most successful members of the British Asian community.

Marco Costa, Managing Director Caffe Torelli

Caffe Torelli, Marco’s coffee roasting company was established in 2001 and has been supplying the hospitality industry with only the finest coffee since its launch. From hotels to restaurants and coffee houses, Caffe Torelli has created a client base in the UK and Europe. During this period Marco Costa has been responsible for multiple successful retail operations from Costa Coffee, Marco Costa’s family business up until its sale to Whitbread in 1997, Marco’s partnership in Patisserie Valerie until its sale, Caffe Concerto, founded by Marco and his wife Cristina and Gran Caffe, Knightsbridge.

Marco was responsible for the coffee concept launched in Mercato Metropolitano in the Elephant and Castle and has recently launched Bar Torell’s Airstream offering in Paddington. This concept is due to role out throughout the UK from 2020.

David Jones, Managing Director, THIRTY30

Described by many as a likeable PR professional and high value networker that is used to being accountable and delivering results. He has also been a Group Sales & Marketing Manager for an M&E contractor that had a turnover on £32m when David started working with them. After a 3-year period of change and strategy implementation they had a turnover in excess of £64m, a successful trade sale to a multi-billion Euro Dutch firm Imtech followed and at this point (2011) it was time to venture out into agency life again. Prior to that David had run a full service creative agency in Preston, Manchester and London for nearly 10 years. THIRTY30 is an award winning full service creative agency based in Manchester and with clients in London with a construction and energy bias. David is also the National Chairman of the Forum for the Built Environment overseeing operations throughout the UK.

David Thomson, speaker, coach, consultant and advisor

David Thomson’s story wouldn’t be out of place as a Hollywood blockbuster… His is a tale of a fight against the kind of adversity most of us can’t imagine. Of a boy who chose to change his stars, and who did it for himself. And at its most basic level, of right triumphing over so much more than just wrong. That he now lives life on his own terms, that he’s a shining example of someone who gives back to the communities he serves, and that he delights in teaching others to tread their own path too, is just a part of what makes him a true inspiration.

Only now in his 50s, David is a global leader in the fields of persuasion and influence. And yet life should have been very different. He should have struggled, stayed small, and always been at someone else’s beck and call. But he didn’t.

A practised and passionate speaker, coach, consultant and advisor, David builds instant rapport with any audience, speaks from the heart and from grounded experience, and provides take-aways which have the potential to skyrocket attendees’ businesses. He believes in the ultimate win:win:win in life, that if you’re prepared to be outrageously brave, and you’re prepared to follow it with determined action and hard work, then you can achieve your wildest dreams.

Michael Devlin, CEO, Veuron, LaunchPros and Brand Warfare

Michael is an ecommerce entrepeneur selling £9m per annum on Amazon and having varios tech ecommerce businesses.

Michael sold the intellectual property rights and patents for the Core 150 range to Tiger Global, which has been making the bottles in China.

The sale comes after Mr Devlin built a global following for the bottles, which athletes can use to carry protein supplements and the like. The bottles contain three trays that can be filled with powders, and then suspended vertically in a holder inside the bottle. The supplements can be mixed with water in the bottle.

More recently, In November 2019 Michael Launched his hugely anticipated Brand Warfare program and software which is a Five Day Program that enables online sellers to chose from $49M worth of products and begin drop shipping anywhere in the world. On day Five The Sales Funnel opens to invite members to access an industry first fully automated drop ship solution that ultimately set a NEW sales record by producing $1M in sales inside 48 hours. The Click Funnel world record is a peer-to-peer acknowledgement of conversion speed that’s set between 100,000 Funnel Hackers.

Dr Raghu Ramaiah, Founder, Aiklu & Insigma & NHS clinical entrepreneur esignation, Company

Dr Raghu Ramaiah is a paediatric consultant with 21 years of experience in the NHS working in the intense environment of ICU. He is a serial entrepreneur having had successful businesses in property development and medical Recruitment business.

He has been working for two clinical commissioning groups over the last five years and has huge experience with NHS functioning and financing from primary care to tertiary levels. He has led various services in the NHS, has been part of national decision-making boards and was also the chair of primary care co-commissioning committee for two years. He is the research lead for intensive care in Leicester and has led teams as chief investigator and principal investigator for various studies. His network amongst the medical community is huge.

He is currently the CEO and founder of Aiklu Ltd which is AI platform for diagnosis and management of skin conditions. NHS England have been so impressed with the usefulness of this technology he was selected into NHS clinical entrepreneur programme.

Over the last three years he has been managing teams of up to 22 data scientists and software developers to build the technology. He has huge experience in fundraising for start-ups. He also has experience in pitching effectively to VC investors.