how to earn money from your blog by displaying ads

Making money online has become a passion in recent years. People have started earning from home through different ways like data entry, content writing, website advertising and more. For those bloggers who are looking for the perfect way to monetize their online page, here is some good news. It is very simple finding methods to monetize your blogs.

The latest and most popular trend for making money online is displaying ads. Bloggers and publishers can display various ads for sellers of online products on their blogs and when their readers click on the ads, the publishers get paid. Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC Marketing) is the most widely used model of internet marketing wherein the advertisers pay the website or blog owner each time one of their ads is clicked. It is essentially a way to direct traffic to the seller websites and selling products.

There are various players in the market of PPC advertising and bloggers can use any of them to start earning from their blog. Some of the popular PPC Advertising Networks are:

Google Adsense

For any newbie blogger, this is where his online earning venture begins. Google’s Adsense program allows the blog and website owners to make some cash once they register with it. It works by allowing third party sellers to place advertisements on the blogs and websites and it is then paid by the advertisers. You, as a publisher, get paid with a specific amount whenever these ads are clicked by somebody. You need a Google Adsense account to start earning from this program. It is easy and completely free to do.

Bidvertiser is emerging as a good option for PPC advertising and allows making some cash online with contextual advertising like Google Adsense. It also displays ads on your blog depending on the blog content and you get paid on the basis of the number of clicks the ad receives.


It is one of the largest PPC Advertising networks available where both advertisers and publishers can make some profit. They are helpful especially in the Intext advertisements and have started displaying banner ads too.


Chitika is a popular PPC advertising network that pays website owners for creating clicks from internet traffic. It has introduced new ad formats like list units, text ads, etc. and blog owners can make good money by displaying such ads on their pages.


This is also a growing network of PPC advertising for higher click through rate. Qadabra is a PPC network with the lowest payout and hence, good for small publishers.

Other popular Pay Per Click Networks that allow making money from blog include, BlogAds and others. However, Google Adsense is the perfect choice for anybody as it pays the largest amount of money for PPC advertising.

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