About Us

37 Degrees offers those who want to start or grow their business a platform to succeed. We offer everything from guidance and mentorship to leasing of units.

Our schemes brings together all areas of business, office, professional services, retail and hospitality, it gives opportunity for those with just an idea to see their idea grow into a business.

Through our mentoring programme we have local, regional and national input from those who can add value and give guidance, from just an idea through to an IPO.  Access to investment, funding, financial and legal guidance is something normally out of reach to a start-up or early stage business.

We don’t just offer an incubator but an accelerator, a place where business does business.
Accelerators and incubators support young businesses through the early and fragile stages of growth. This support can – in theory – help them avoid the mistakes of others, save time and money and increase survival rates. This, in turn, has consequences for job creation, regional development, innovation and economic growth.

37 Degrees have also created a platform; the delicate mix of uses creates cross pollination allowing more opportunity and visibility to businesses that would otherwise not get the exposure