8 Common Mistakes in Business Logo Design


The advancement of business standards and the escalation of competition has increased the need to design logos that stand-out in addition to promoting brand identity. The common mistakes that most companies are inclined to make in the logo design include amateurishness, proclivity to stick to clichés or stereotypes defined by a particular trend, the use of raster software, dull use of generic art, deviation of focus from customer to self, plagiarism  and finally the inappropriate use of colors and fonts.


The chief focus of the following article is to point out the banal mistakes made by business enterprises in the design of their business logo that make it seem dreary and unappealing to the consumers.    


Among the ever increasing competition in the world of business, the number of eyes to watch and recognize has also gone up. That’s why, it has become more essential than ever to pay right amount of attention upon the unique message by every company for its unique reorganization, and that is business logo. The more you need your company be distinguished, the more unique the logo design you should have. In order to create exceptionally clear and unique logo for your business, you must pay attention on certain things. In this article, you will learn 8 top mistakes leading toward wrong logo designing and filing the name of your company with those non-professional ones.

Amateur Logo Designing

The business companies take on their nerves the efforts to promote their business through equipment and investment without thinking of the value of investment on logo designing. The major reasons include the favor of some relative or friend who knows a, b, c of graphic designing and offers the service for free, the attraction of websites offering dynamic business logo designing for a fraction of money or selection of wrong group of people for being inexperienced or unseasoned in business industry. Bear in mind, if you want to flourish, you need professionalism; and if you need professional business look, you must have to invest on  business logo designing without making compromise on money. Hire a professional, established and well-experienced designer for this purpose.

Running after Trends

A professional dynamic business logo should reflect your individual, unique and clear message to your clients without any involvement of latest fashions or trends in logo designing. If you run after trends too much, the result will not be timeless, and as soon as the trend tends to bend, your logo design will become old-fashioned and without attraction. So, overlook latest trends in logo designing while creating your own highly exceptional and timeless identity for your business.

The Use of Raster Graphic Software

The use of raster graphic software is not recommended by experts because it can be responsible for problems in terms of production. The vector graphic software can be used in place of raster graphic software to produce high quality results. The images created by such software will not create pixel problems even if you zoom. The vector images can be of any size without pixel quality issue and you will not be troubled if you want to edit the images later.

Contains Stock Arts

It is not a crime to download various vector images online, but if you use them in your  business logo designing, it may happen that you use an already used image. The result will be that you will lose originality and uniqueness for your business identity. Without paying attention towards the rules and laws of copyright in the world of business, amateur logo designers can make you disappointed by committing such a mistake.

Designing to Please Yourself rather than Your Client

In all kinds of business, clients and customers are the most important factors. They demand most of your attention than anything else. So, if you think something cool has caught your eye and tends to be the part of your logo design, you should not hurry to include it in the design unless you confirm whether it will be suitable for your business type or not.

Paying More Attention on Colors

A lot of graphic designers pay more attention towards colors. The best thing is to pick up black and white and start the designing. When you have decided all about it, then comes the selection of colors.

Poor Selection of Fonts

Sometimes, business logo design fails due to poor selection of fonts. The designers don’t consider it important to match the style of icon and the style of fonts. As a result, the overall product looks disintegrated and fails to attract clients and customers. Hence, font style is also an important factor in logo designing and demands proper attention.

Copying Others

The biggest logo designing blunder which has also become the most common is copying others. Don’t copy others, lest you should lose uniqueness and freshness in the industry.

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